The Fleet

We rely on a modern, sophisticated fleet of Mercedes Benz lorries –
with all the necessary equipment it takes to deliver everything including frozen products and to ensure that your goods always arrive quickly and safely.
We always make an effort to choose the latest technologies and materials when we order our lorries so that our drivers have the best vehicles at their disposal.

In addition to a telephone, every vehicle has a navigation system to make it easier for drivers to get from A to B. 
We also offer our drivers flexible, HACCP-based logistics.

Our fleet is of course equipped for winter weather.
All vehicles have automatic snow chains, so if drivers think they might get stuck, they can activate the chains with the push of a button without having to mount them manually.

“Exceptional dependability and efficiency, impressive driving and living comfort and exemplary security: these are the major features with which the Actros is setting standards in international long-distance haulage.”

Some features of the Mercedes Benz Actros:

-       Flexible “Telligent” maintenance system
-       Networked control units
-       Further development of the electropneumatic gearshift (EPS) for the
        “Telligent” gearshift with new transmission
-       New motors from series 500 (V6 and V8) with “Telligent” motor engine

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