Production & Packaging

Global Foods Trading stands for quality and dependability. This is also reflected in our production and packaging facilities. Each year we import 4,000 tons of spices and legumes from around the world. Everything is packaged at our modern production and packaging facility which is fully automated, allowing us to produce 120,000 bags a day. We offer exotic spices like curcuma, chili, coriander and garam masala, as well as different legumes from all over the world such as red lentils, chick peas, half mung beans and red kidney beans.

We guarantee highest product quality. This is possible thanks to the direct influence on worldwide raw material procurement and established, perfected quality standards. In farming in particular, these are distinguished by state-of-the-art agricultural technology and the very best climatic conditions. The result: high quality, exotic products from faraway countries. 

Private brand/special production 

Global Foods Trading sees itself as a purveyor of exotic spices and legumes. Our primary objective is to put ideas into practice and fulfil our customers’ desires. We therefore always strive to maintain ongoing contact with our customers so we can e.g. create new spice mixtures for them which we either produce under our own brand label “Schani” or for a private brand.
Please contact Frank Hofmann if you have any questions: +49 (0) 6258 9898-30

Key Facts

· Import volume of over 4000 tons per year.

· 120.000 bags packed a day.

· More than 300 different products of
   spices and pulses.

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