Quality Management and Quality Assurance

For you as our customer, quality means that your expectations are fully met and reliably fulfilled. For us, it means that we systematically plan, monitor and improve our products and processes. Quality management comprises all of the instruments needed to accomplish this.
We ensure, for example, that the quality of our goods always meets customers’ expectations. This begins right in the country of origin with the manufacturer. The owners of GFT and many of its employees come from India and other Asian countries. So we’re familiar with the region and people! We maintain trusting partnerships with them and know which areas we have to monitor, and who is credible. Over the past few decades, this is how we’ve built our base of reliable suppliers.

Nonetheless, for products imported from countries outside the EU, we shoulder the same responsibility as a manufacturer does. Extensive, strict, official controls are carried out right at the port of entry. These are supplemented by our own controls to confirm the perfect quality of goods. These might be visual controls: are products undamaged and clean? Or the declaration might be checked: do parcels really contain the specified contents? If not, the goods do not go out!

The HACCP system “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” (which complies with the EU Ordinance on Hygiene 852/2004) ensures the quality of storage and processing at our premises.  We make sure there are no pests, that frozen goods are kept at the right temperature and that the Schani products we package contain no impurities. At the same time, we are subject to continuous inspections by the respective supervisory authorities.  In addition, we consult with an independent institute which regularly conducts site inspections and checks.  This means we’re always attentive to quality and receive suggestions for improvement wherever they might be needed.

It all works to your advantage: we handle the goods entrusted to us with care!

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